Daisy's unPerfect School Year

ISBN: 978-0-578-35779-9
By: Shields, Samantha


Daisy, a young girl in elementary school, was beyond excited to begin her year as a first grader in the school building! Due to the COVID Pandemic, Daisy hadn’t had the chance to experience being in a school setting yet; her learning had all been on the computer up to this point. Throughout the time Daisy was unable to learn in the school building, she envisioned it as a place where she would cheerfully play and learn among her friends. However, when Daisy began school as a first grader, her time there was not quite what she thought it would be. She found that some children her age showed behaviors in class that took away pieces of her happiness & learning each day. How can Daisy and her friends undo this unperfect year and make it a perfect one? Daisy's unPerfect School Year is a children's book written to teach children how extreme behaviors of students at school can impact, both their peers and teacher's emotional well-being. Educators can use this book as a way to foster empathy among their students to help them better understand how their actions affect others in the school setting.