Thank Me Later

ISBN: 978-0-578-42038-7
By: B., Mikel


Thank Me Later was birthed out of necessity. In order to dig herself out of a deep, dark state of depression, Mikel B. had to find a way to turn her darkness into marvelous light. Laughter was that light. Through a comedic transformation, Mikel transforms herself into a superhero named The Petty Assassin who saves the world from her inner petty, one short story at a time. She takes you through her fitness journey, her family, and her work life in a hilarious way that is sure to be the cure for any ailment (but please consult a medical professional if you're seriously sick). Make sure you follow the advice given throughout the book in order to avoid your own petty encounters. Take your time and read each and every short story through the voice of a comedy storyteller. Be sure to check out the glossary to get caught up on The Petty Assassin's lingo. At the end of every story, The Petty Assassin leaves her signature line for her readers.....YOU CAN THANK ME LATER!


Mikel B.

Mikel B., a native of Newport News, Virginia, is all things quirky, unique, and glittery. In addition to writing, she has a passion for help-ing others grow both personally and professionally. Mikel contentedly fulfills her personal and professional passion of serving others through coaching, writing, workshops & seminars. She is living proof that no matter the challenge, you can ALWAYS turn your dream into a reality.