My Louisiana Odyssey

ISBN: 978-0-578-51368-3
By: Brown, Jim


Jim Brown’s 5th book, My Louisiana Odyssey, is a compelling, informative and humorous adventure of what it’s like to “discover” the most interesting state in America. The popular Bayou State columnist weaves a compelling personal narrative with passion, honesty and flair. It is a must read for any booklover who wants to understand politics in Louisiana and how to experience the finer things that make up a rich gumbo of living in the Bayou State.


Jim Brown

Jim Brown has had a varied and enduring career in both public life and the private sector. He has served as an elected official for 28 years in Louisiana, holding positions as a Louisiana State Senator, Delegate to the 1973 Louisiana Constitutional Convention, Secretary of State, and Commissioner of Insurance. Jim’s education includes graduating from the University of North Carolina, studying English Literature at Cambridge University in England, and receiving a juris doctorate degree from Tulane University in New Orleans. He is a practicing attorney and has taught Louisiana history at both Tulane University and Louisiana State University. He is the publisher of The Lisburn Press, a syndicated columnist, and the host of a nationally syndicated radio program, “Jim Brown’s Common Sense.” Jim is the author of four previous books, all available at or his legal website at Full information about the author can be found on his media website at He is the father of four children, seven grandchildren, and lives in Baton Rouge with his wife Gladys.