Oliver Doodle's Halloween at the Castle

ISBN: 978-0-578-59015-8
By: Sutton, Sammy


Oliver attends a costume party with his family at Pythian Castle. Things get a little crazy when Oliver goes down the stairs to the dungeon instead of up the stairs to the theatre.


Sammy Sutton

Author: Oliver Doodle's Tales: Welcome to Oliver Doodle's Forever Home, Oliver Doodle's Halloween at the Castle King Solomon's Journey, Hidden Mountain. Reliquary of Dimensions, Darkening Danger, and upcoming Concealed. Screenplays: Brown Eminence, Darkening Danger, Book Reviewer; Voting Member of NBCC. Sammy's professional background is in the social sciences. She reads, and enjoys the study of world religions, ancient cultures, and social structures. Sammy takes pride in her eclectic views, believing in brotherhood and human compassion. These days, she spends time writing fiction, and adapting to an ever changing blueprint called life. Sammy is a strong advocate for children, and has devoted a great deal of time to children caught within the social system. Her greatest hope is to see a cure for Epilepsy for her son and millions of others like him. Please, support the Cure for Epilepsy!