Curse of Crowns Kings Transcend

ISBN: 978-0-578-60869-3
By: Coleman, Garris L.R.


In Curse of Crowns, comes an original series from Author Garris L. R. Coleman that is full of mystery, action, romance, and surprises that are sure to excite fantasy fans from all over. In volume one, the epic tale packs a riveting adventure certain to keep readers desiring more. Before the dawn of existence lies the setting of darkness until the light was born. With it came many worlds filled with life. As some planets live in peace, they are oblivious to the malicious that is brewing and secretly at work to threaten their way of life. While other worlds have opened its doors to deceit, betrayal, and murder, all will find that light is just as evil and ruthless. Life will forever change for those who dwell throughout the lands as old yet hidden and young yet exposed Kings Transcend.


Garris L.R. Coleman

Garris L. R. Coleman is the author of Curse of Crowns and enjoys writing fantasy fiction. Born in 1978, he grew up creating short stories ever since he could talk. At the age of four, he picked up a pair of sticks and taught himself how to play drums and at age fourteen the guitar and began writing songs. When he is not writing or playing music, he enjoys spending time with his family and helping his wife homeschool their sons. He and his wife share their home in Georgia with their three entertaining sons.