Being Jerry

ISBN: 978-0-578-72411-9
By: Hancock, Jerry


In seven decades, I’ve gone from a skinny little kid afraid of his own shadow to an old man not easily intimidated. I’ve had ups and downs along the way, but all in all, it’s been a great ride. No major regrets. What I’ve tried to do here is capture some key events in my life and the lives of my extended family members and make an effort to figure out how this whole puzzle is supposed to fit together. That’s what life is all about anyway, isn’t it? My career(s) have been exciting and varied. I’ve met great people, learned a lot and built some lasting friendships. Throughout it all, the relationships developed are what makes life worth living. And retirement is exciting too! I have a chance to do some of the things I put off too long. This book is an example. I hope you enjoy this little effort. If you find errors or just want to talk, email me at


Jerry Hancock

These days I’m a mostly retired business consultant and personal coach who has spent most of my adult life in communications, ranging from television host to advertising/communications executive to management consultant. I am a partner in the consulting firm of AlexanderHancock Associates, a training and consulting company my wife, Emmie, and I founded in 1989. Since then, the company has trained thousands of people through hands-on workshops. I’m also Executive Director of Men in BalanceTM a nonprofit organization dedicated to the spiritual development of men and to healthy relationships. I have counseled hundreds of men in small groups and couples in Couples Communication classes. As a hobby, I hosted a weekly TV show on WTVI in Charlotte for 25 years called Final Edition which was a roundtable discussion of news stories of the week. I also produced Legacy, a series of 25 programs about Charlotte leaders. Thanks for reading this. With this publication, I have written 8 books.