Media & Me

ISBN: 978-0-578-93369-6
By: Martin, Angel D.


In 2020, a worldwide global pandemic also known as Covid-19 closed the United States of America. Many people, myself included, were instructed to work from home and placed on “stay home” orders. So, I took the time to work on some personal projects, including writing, cleaning and learning some new recipes. This workbook is a tool designed to help you on your journey to build up your self-esteem, focusing on the fruits of the Spirit. It will help you put your most authentic digital footprints forward. ‘Media & Me’ is a self-help guide for girls, teens and young women. In a world filled with media messages, be the change you hope to see. As they say, never let the world change your smile instead, let your smile change the world, world wide web that is.


Angel D. Martin

Miss. Angel Martin is the owner and operator of Angel Dee Media, LLC. She is the author of ‘Media & Me.’ She is a native of Wisconsin who earned her Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Nebraska. Martin specializes in effective communication in her personal and professional roles. She wears many hats in her community including, award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, host, and instructor. As a caterpillar grows into a butterfly, she is flying high with Angel Dee Media, LLC. Martin is happy and blessed to expand the business that will help people achieve their media and marketing goals, including developing your digital footprints on social media for brand awareness as well as online dating. Martin and her team produce clear and focused promotional materials, including flyers, press releases and media kits. And, she looks forward to working with you and your team to help you start your new day and put your best digital footprints forward! Martin is a God-fearing woman of Faith. She enjoys working with youth and in the music ministry. She serves on several volunteer community boards focused on the traditional family and economic development. Martin also values spending quality time with her family and friends. Again, we pray in the name of Jesus ‘Media & Me’ blessed you all. You can find me on all social media outlets. Feel free to email me at and visit us online at (Under Construction). We will continue to pray for you to grow into beautiful butterflies. #ANewDay #AngelDee #motivationalcontent #MediaServices #DigitalFootprints #Movingforward #2021