Don't Bring Your Vibrator to Rehab

ISBN: 978-0-578-95004-4
By: Gaslow, Pam


After nearly a decade of sobriety, Pam Gaslow relapsed into a life of dependency on marijuana, a devastating downward spiral that shattered her. From bongs to pipes to flavored vape pens, she dove into a two-year-long 24/7 stoned void: a protracted journey to nowhere. Ultimately becoming sick from marijuana toxicity, Gaslow eventually finds the willingness to save herself and seek treatment. Don’t Bring Your Vibrator to Rehab is an emotionally raw memoir that reveals the terrifying and lonely world of addiction. She tells all with honesty, intelligence, wit, and a remarkable degree of self-deprecating humor.


Pam Gaslow

Pam Gaslow is a New York–born, Miami-based writer, comedian, and artist. She’s a contributor to The Huffington Post, The Good Men Project, The Times of Israel, and Newsbreak. Pam used to have a blog called Depressed Hot Girl, but she took that down after her family threatened to disown her. For more salacious details and quirky randomness, follow her on Instagram @pamgaslow.