Peach Orchard: A Gettysburg Battlefield Guided Tour

ISBN: 978-0-692-19261-0
By: Siegel, Ralph


"Peach Orchard: A Gettysburg Battlefield Guided Tour" is a practical, user-friendly touring guide for walkers, hikers, drivers, cyclists, first-time visitors and armchair generals one and all. Visitors often find it difficult to follow guidebooks as intended because most field guides and audio tours are inflexible and the tour stops are too lengthy. This set of guided tours fits every need to be tailored to visitors’ interests on any given day. This tour guide is intended as a companion to the upcoming title "Peach Orchard: The Battle of Gettysburg Reconsidered."


Ralph Siegel

Ralph Siegel and Mike Vallone both became Licensed Battlefield Guides at Gettysburg National Military Park, Pa., 15 years ago. Mike in particular was best known for developing controversial interpretations of the battle that dispelled much of what had been accepted as conventional wisdom. Those controversial ideas are included in their guided tour book. Mike passed away in 2017 but Ralph has pressed ahead with their project.