Cleveland Architecture Coloring and Activity Book

ISBN: 978-1-4675-7955-1
By: Smith, Jeremy


The Cleveland Architecture Coloring and Activity Book is a uniquely innovative publication on the city that entertains and educates users of all ages. It takes the format of the old, stuffy architectural companions and throws it out the window in support of an interactive approach geared toward a younger audience. The coloring book offers information about the architect, year completed and location so you can color and arrange a field trip to see your favorite works. The Cleveland Architecture Coloring and Activity Book is a fun companion, catalog, learning tool and city guide. It’s time to grab a copy, a box of crayons or your favorite colored pencils and go to town!


Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is the founder of the multi-disciplinary creative studio Designbelt and is responsible for work that highlights design a unique and playful manner. Started with the illustration and publication of the critically-acclaimed Cleveland Architecture Coloring Book in 2012, Designbelt’s catalog includes the Robert Maschke Architects Coloring Book and the Tall Ships Erie Coloring Book alongside many other interactive design projects and community installations. Smith is a licensed architect, practicing with Bialosky Cleveland; working on a wide range of projects from conceptual design through construction. Jeremy is a graduate of Kent State University’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative with master’s degree in Architecture and in Urban Design. Smith’s Distinct sensibility toward graphic representation supports an engaged conversation on the attitude and accessibility of Architecture.