ISBN: 978-1-4951-1610-0
By: Pressman, Stephanie


An adult feminist fairy tale, Lovebirdman is a long poem that tells the story of a magician’s daughter, who rebels against her father’s teaching and searches for her own way toward wholeness. In her wake is a stranger who under a fractured spell has been turned half man, half lovebird. The book is a modern take on the tradition of the Art Nouveau movement, complete with illustrations of each of the characters.


Stephanie Pressman

Stephanie Pressman started writing poetry at about age eight and finished a romantic novelette at thirteen. Currently mostly retired she lives in Cupertino, California, editing and producing chapbooks and books of poetry and short stories for her very small press, Frog on the Moon. Her work has appeared in many journals including Bridges, cæsura, CQ/California State Poetry Quarterly, The Kerf, The MacGuffin, Montserrat Review, and on line in Newport Review. She was the recipient of the 2013 Cupertino Poetry Award.