Broken Crayons Still Color

ISBN: 978-1-4951-9344-6
By: Albinus, Lisa


A mixed media, self discovery adventure where no experience is necessary! Bible study is joined with personal reflection and creative expression, resulting in a unique experience. Over 7 hours of "How-to" videos and coloring pages are included. Join in the fun with an online community and an online classroom. Broken crayons still color, in fact, they color far better than a brand new one. A new crayon may look wonderful, but its perfection is a lie. The true beauty of every crayon is not found in the trappings of appearance, but in being set free to do what it was created to do. Experience a journey through 5 creative prompts that will have you looking at your brokenness in a whole new way.


Lisa Albinus

Lisa Albinus, is an award winning Christian artist, and the founder of Praise HeArt and Salty Sidewalks. It is her greatest desire to assist others in searching for their own paths to creativity. Lisa is a Gospel spreading, mixed media artist...out to love the world through the salt of creative expression, loving that she gets to do life with a Bible tucked under one arm and a paintbrush in the other. You can do it, and she will show you how!