A Field Guide To Problem Solving and Technical Writing

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ISBN: 978-1-5323-1791-0
By: Mitts, Charles


A problem worth solving is a problem whose solution deserves sharing. The extent and volume of human knowledge is too great; even when divided into the sciences, technologies, various areas of engineering, and math, for anyone to individually master. This is why the Seven Step Problem-Solving Process (7SPSP) is such an important “tool”. This process works because it leads into the content necessary to answer the three questions at the heart of every problem: why, how, and what? And, because the seven step process aligns with the components of an APA formatted technical manuscript, when the problem solution is finally discovered or created, the content of a technical manuscript has already been generated. This is the purpose of A Field Guide.


Charles Mitts

Technology and Engineering teacher. Author of several articles in the Technology and Engineering Teacher journal (TET). Recipient of an Outstanding Writer award by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) and a Professional Practice Award from Epsilon Pi Tau (EPT). Serve as a TET peer manuscript reviewer. Author of the novel "The Light Rangers and Project Mind Machine."