My Persistence “Almost Made it to the Top”

ISBN: 978-1-5323-4885-3
By: Vives, Totto


A young Chilean with barely acceptable grades enters the university and discovers that he has an unexpected potential for learning and succeeding. As his Nation undergoes the stresses of political changes, he strikes out to fulfill his dreams of a new life in the United States. Here he learns the sometimes difficult lessons on how to adapt to new cultures, new outlooks, and a new language. After a number of jobs, Totto entered the world of transportation: Taxis and car sales, and one of the owners of a dealership. It is here that he rose from a driver to one of the men who actually helped shape his cab company and the dealership during times of change in Miami. For those who are willing to step out and pursue a dream, life has a way of unexpectedly shaping our destinies. This is Totto Vives’ story in his own words about his life, in the United States, its ups and downs, triumphs and failures, hopes and successes. Also his private life, with his wife Deedee, faithful love becomes one of Hector’s (Totto) greatest triumphs.


Totto Vives

Totto Vives Totto, his nickname since childhood, emigrated to the United States where he could achieve his eternal dreams. He was the director and later owner of several transportation businesses in Miami, FL. He is the father of a beautiful family and resides in Florida, USA.