Jungle Stories and Small Tales of the Tiny Elephant

ISBN: 978-1-5323-5431-1
By: Bevins , Thomas


Toma Boo is a big thinker. Even though he's the smallest elephant in the jungle, he's determined not to let a little thing like his size stop him from helping others in need accomplish great things. His body may be pint-sized, but he has the biggest imagination and the largest heart in the jungle. Follow Toma Boo and his friends through the magical world of the jungle as they prove that little things can make a big difference.


Thomas Bevins

Tom Bevins lives in North Texas with his wife Jackie and sons Thomas and Patrick. He attended Baylor University, The University of Texas (Austin) and The University of New Orleans. He received his MS from the University of North Texas in Radio, TV and Film. He has worked in the theater or television industry, primarily as a producer and director. He is a fan of the New York Yankees.