City Madness 444

Diary of City Madness 444

ISBN: 978-1-5323-5432-8
By: Jones, Kamel


We are writting about the life and struggle of individuals in the Urban Communities of North America. Hand and hand we engage, walk, run, smile, laugh, and even be appalled, as some of these characters are unclothed true to life, searching for their place in this maze we call life; Moreover as we read we notice a dark part of ourselves lurking to come out and express itself. Our book contains the stories that urban communities can relate to and love all over the world. We guarantee this Book (City Madness) would be a very valuable addition to your list.


Kamel Jones

Mel Jones will always remember the thrill of the urban communities all to well, who now lives in the city of Atlanta with his beautifull wife, Intelligent daughter ans his obedient Dog, He enjoys reading jogging and tennis also loves people of all kinds, moreover for more than 6 years he’s been a free lance writer likewise he’s presenting his first urban novel City Madness.