The Tennyson Legacy

William J. Tennyson, Jr., Historical Documents

ISBN: 978-1-5323-5441-0
By: Tennyson, Tanya


In this reference book is a catalog of songs, which is "The Tennyson Legacy" ....the intellectual properties of William J. Tennyson, Jr., that were inherited by his widow and children. The music catalog acquaints the reader with Bill Tennyson's dynamic personality and defines Bill as a person who was a confident, outgoing, professional, consistent composer and musician. Bill Tennyson's copyrights show him to be a shrewd businessman whose writing was an investment of his time and talent that would inevitably generate millions of dollars. Tanya Tennyson's documentary book shows many of Bill Tennyson’s business transactions and creative writings which identify him as the owner of a substantial number of important music compositions. The compiled information links Bill Tennyson to famous co-writers and prosperous people and places in music history and in the music industry of the 1940s and 1950s.


Tanya Tennyson

The author and compiler of documents, Tanya Tennyson, is the daughter of composer, William J. Tennyson, Jr.. She has research experience in genealogy and 20th century music history. Ms. Tennyson graduated college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.