Natural Disaster Evacuation Disable Elderly Children

Emergency Communication to Safety

ISBN: 978-1-5323-5458-8
By: Stephens, Hesma


Did you ever think, you would be in a history breaking natural disaster? Have you experienced hurricane, tornado and floods? Do you need to have a plan, to get to safety, for yourself and others? This book gives readers a step-by-step guide: How to respond during an evacuation with individuals with disabilities, elderly and children. What you might encounter, who to contact, what to bring and where to go. How to handle those who resist your help due to many reasons. Hesma, will give you persuasive coaching techniques to help the person you are trying to save, assist in the process to get to safety when able. Book Release Oct 1, 2017 Presales start today! Portion of the proceeds to assist families with special needs effected by Hurricane Harvery and Irma


Hesma Stephens

Hesma Stephens, a recent Hurricane Harvey Evacuee threaded through rising water to get her two children to evacuation boats. One of her children has autism, limited speech and brave younger sister navigating to safety. After the area reservoirs were release flooding her neighborhood with water it was execution time. Hesma does come with risk management capabilities, with 19 years experience in helping audiences be prepared for times of crisis. Hesma offers extensive knowledge in emergency response, disability issues, insurance, privacy & security, identity thief to help you minimize your risk during challenging times. It was time to put all that training into this historical event. A member of the National Speakers Association and Houston chapter. Owner of a risk management company. Hesma gives you experience and training how to prevent potential problems you will face with tools of the industry to take away.