Songs of a Starling

ISBN: 978-1-5323-5725-1
By: Whitson- O'Flinn, Robin


Yvette Olivia Upstand- O’Malley is determined to be wholly and uniquly herself. In Northern California as a: high school cross-country runner, ambitious theater student, and incredabily resourceful speech finalist, she challengs society’s expectations of what a human female should be. As Vette can attest, life is certainly a journey. With intellligence, beauty, and an unwaivering determination she makes it appear effortless. While both forbidden and enduring love tint her saga, it is through her passion for the written word her true colors are revealed. In the face of tragedy, injury, and illness Vette is forced to continuously reinvent herself as an adult. As pain, terror, and loss render her undone she is able to show us what she is really made of.


Robin Whitson- O'Flinn

Ms. Whitson- O’Flinn has been married thirty-one years and is a mother of four. After losing her vision she sought her degree from Washington State University, graduating with honors. She left employment with the United States Forest Service as a NEPA writer when she learned she had a rare type of cancer. She lives on the Western Slope of Colorado pursuing her life long dream of being a novelist.