A Vampire Dream

ISBN: 978-1-5323-5732-9
By: Parris, Glenn


Unbitten- Not too dead to dream. What does an ancient vampire wish for; Sunshine on her face, bathing in a babbling brook, or even surfing the internet with impunity? All impossibilities for the undead. But what if there were a loop hole? There's no greater gift than to have loyal family still trying to pull you out of the grave after 200 years!


Glenn Parris

Physician, Glenn Parris, is a Fordham University, SUNY Buffalo School of Medicine graduate, and Native New Yorker, but this Emory Medicine alum and Georgian forevermore, writes science fiction, medical fiction, historical fiction and fantasy. Author of novel, The Renaissance of Aspirin, and short story, The Tooth Fairies, brings to life the novella, Unbitten for the holiday season kick off at Halloween!