Broken Veil

ISBN: 978-1-5323-6055-8
By: Ashley, M.C.


Jessie Minett and her friends innocently pick up a wandering minister in the midst of their vacation. Heading to Hammer Fall's, Arizona, Nathanial David Goodwin is in search for the fabled Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer). Little did Jessie and her friends know that Nathanial was on the run. Can they survive a demon's attempts to kill them as it aims to enact its deranged desires on the world?


M.C. Ashley

Matthew Christian Ashley obtained his Creative Writing degree with a Minor in English in 2013. He first started writing in high school after developing an appreciation for Stephen King's The Stand. Four of his fan-fiction works, and original works, have been featured on TV Tropes where he is credited as the user "NKSCF." He published his first book "Lost Time" in 2018. He currently lives in Denver, NC.