Calling Forth Esther

Finding the Queen in Every Woman

ISBN: 978-1-5323-6094-7
By: Reid, Judean


The journey to becoming a Queen may start from adverse conditions. Like Esther, God is developing a woman who has survived past hurts, overcome low self-esteem, and has prepared themselves for divine status to be a liberator. It is God's will to deliver you to be one who frees others from abuse, neglect, and negative stigma.


Judean Reid

Lady Judean Reid knows the value and significance of relationship with Jesus Christ. The youngest of a group of new converts, Judean made public confession of her faith at age ten in her homeland of Jamaica, WI. From there, she would embark on a journey that would both challenge and develop her godly character. From Jamaica, God would carry her to the United States, and to the moments that would bring her to her calling and destiny. Rejection, ridicule, and betrayal nearly destroyed Judean, and almost cost her life. However, even in these most dark and severe circumstances, God’s divine providence shielded her from emotional and mental ruin. With a vision of repair and restoration for hurting souls, and to raise a remnant of believers who have a passion for God. She is the founder of the Daughters of Distinction Inc., the host DOD Women's Conference, Calling Forth Esther Mentor-ship Program and Carrying the Mantle of Esther Facebook broadcast, a movement formed to help wounded women find healing and a strong, powerful relationship with Jesus Christ – a relationship that helped bring her deliverance.