The Mr. Handbook

21 Quick Principles For Him

ISBN: 978-1-5323-6841-7
By: Taylor , Antwon


One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is experiencing a happy, strong marriage with your spouse. With The Mr. Handbook, Marriage becomes a little easier, Happy Ever After, LLC cofounder Antwon Taylor gives readers the tools they need to involve God, and analyze key topics to develop a deeper and richer relationship.


Antwon Taylor

Antwon Taylor is the Co-founder of Happy Ever After, LLC. He graduated from Ohio Christian University. His desire to serve others through multiple channels, teaching God’s word, marriage and finance, lastly, through encouragement and mentorship of men. He is a father of three great children, and has been married to his wife Natdia Taylor for five years. Together they serve as marriage coaches in Marriage and Family life Ministry at Vineyard Columbus. Where they pronominally teach Marriage and Finance for Pre- martial couples in the "Journey to Oneness” program.