The Women We Watched

A Celebration of Mothers by the Sons and Daughters they Nurtured

ISBN: 978-1-5323-7108-0
By: Keys Bowen, Charlene


This beautifully sincere celebration of mothers by the sons and daughters they nurtured, takes the reader on an exciting voyage into the lives of presumed ordinary women, whose unwavering commitment to faith, family, and community enable them to endure the painstakingly jagged twists and turns of poverty, physical and mental abuse, separation, fear, hopelessness, alcoholism, discrimination, and death. These extraordinary women encouraged, inspired, protected, educated, and empowered their children; even when their only tools for instruction were the dirt and a stick. Wittingly inspiring and thought provoking, this collection of short stories will leave you laughing, crying, pondering, expecting, aspiring, and longing to travel to a time and place occupied by the main characters. Their journeys are exciting and their profound nuggets of wisdom are priceless! Captains of industry, entrepreneurs, ministers, attorneys, corporate executives, professors, and leaders for social change, all inspired by these captivating characters whose influence, prayers and sacrifice moved their offspring to improve the socioeconomic conditions of generations to come while making the world a better place for those who would follow. This book project is dedicated to DreamBee Foundation, a 501c (3), Non-Profit whose mission is to Eradicate Child Abuse.