A Woman Scorned

ISBN: 978-1-5323-7111-0
By: Williams, Ericka


Meet Brielle, a woman who had been mistreated by men from birth. She thought she'd finally found the man of her dreams Dante, until she realized he was also no good. Unfortunately, Brielle snaps and gets revenge, not only on Dante but on any man who crosses her path. Without warning, she becomes sadistic and puts every man she meets into a deathtrap. From one incident to the next, Brielle's life begins to spiral out of control, especially when she begins hanging out with her promiscuous cousin from Atlanta, Janay. Not only is Janay shady, but her goal in life is to bask in the fast life and the money that it brings, while Brielle's is to settle down with a man who will say, he loves her. Soon, things heat up when Brielle meets Shawn, a suave lover-boy who seems to have a past of his own. His sex appeal is strong and has Brielle ready to seek counseling, and change up her whole lifestyle. Problem is, she can't help it. Reports confirm, she's mental and has been for years, due to her past. Just when Brielle thinks she's on the road to recovery, an ex-lover of her dead husband re-surfaces, sues Brielle for all she's got, and sends Brielle on a violent path of revenge.


Ericka Williams