City of Youngstown Fire Box Alarm History

A history of the fire box alarm system in Youngstown, Ohio

ISBN: 978-1-5323-7303-9
By: Ricker, Greg


The fire call boxes used by the city of Youngstown for the purpose of fire notification and response has a history almost as old as the paid department itself. The primary manufacturer of the city’s fire call boxes was the Gamewell Fire Alarm Company. Call boxes were the primary means of fire alarm notification before telephones were commonplace in homes. Today, they have been replaced by phones, both wired and wireless. This book is an attempt to document the city's fire call boxes system and preserve that information for the future.


Greg Ricker

Greg Ricker, a local Youngstown fire buff, has been interested in the fire service since he was a child. With several generations of his family in the fire service, Greg took an interest in the history of the Youngstown , Ohio Fire Department in 1998. He began researching the department's rich history and soon after, created the website The website allowed Greg to share information faster and easier. Greg's first book, "City of Youngstown Fire Box Alarm History" is another way Greg is helping to preserve the history of the fire department for future generations.