ISBN: 978-1-5323-7731-0
By: Bohn, Jeb


A scientist from a covert research facility discovers that the project he is working on has sinister undertones. He goes on the run, but only after sending out potentially damning information to a handful of investigative journalists. Herman Ingram, a cynical research journalist with sarcastic tendencies is one of them. Can this scattered group bring the nefarious plan to light and stop it before it's too late?


Jeb Bohn

Born and raised in Eastern North Carolina, Jeb currently resides in Greenville, NC. Having long enjoyed writing, he decided to dedicate more time to his craft and plans to release his first full length novel, Bermuda, before the end of 2018. When he's not writing, Jeb enjoys music, photography, hockey and spending time with his significant other, Kristy. Jeb is also father to recent kindergarten graduate Jack.