Figments of Ocracoke

An O'Cocker Says A Word

ISBN: 978-1-5323-8169-0
By: Lynn, Chester


In Figments of Ocracoke, Chester Lynn, an amateur historian and local fig expert, reflects on Ocracoke's unique history, the life of islanders, and the array of fig trees that populate the island. Using the traditional brogue to tell his stories, the book reveals the intertwined lives of O'cockers and figs. Integrated into the text are QR codes that allow readers to hear Chester Lynn tell his stories in the traditional Ocracoke Brogue, preserving a language that is quickly fading from North Carolina's Outer Banks.


Chester Lynn

Chester Lynn is an O’cocker through and through. His family has lived on Ocracoke and Portsmouth Islands in North Carolina’s Outer Banks for ten generations and he represents the quintessential islander. He is an amateur historian, antique collector, and local fig expert who is well known for his ability to “say a word” in the endangered brogue that has characterized this community for centuries.