Diccionario Español-Vietnamita

Tu Dien Tay Ban Nha - Vietnam

ISBN: 978-1-5323-8171-3
By: Tran, Tri


The first-ever Spanish-Vietnamese dictionary published in the United States! This work is academically and professionally prepared for self-learners, high school and university students, and professionals who need either language for their work. The dictionary covers a wide scope of vocabulary, grammar information, idiomatic expressions, dialectal differences, cultural information and scientific terminology in both languages.


Tri Tran

Tri C. Tran holds a doctorate in Romance Linguistics from the University of California. Los Angeles. He has been teaching language courses in Academic English, French, Spanish and Vietnamese. His courses in linguistics include general linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology and syntax), Romance linguistics (general, French and Spanish). His previous publications in Spanish consist of Portal to Spanish - Learn Spanish the Natural Way! (Portal Languages, 2015), El Español Conversacional para Vietnamitas (LangArts, 2010) and Bilingual Dictionary for Students of Linguistics (University Press of America, 2006).