More Than Just A Dreamer

ISBN: 978-1-5323-8206-2
By: Wise, Kay


"More Than Just A Dreamer" is the second part of the story of a young boy who learns how to navigate through life successfully by acting on what he learns about prayer. Follow his life as he goes through tough problems by meeting every challenge head-on. He not only dreams of a great future, but he has visions of problems in the lives of others that he could help solve. But will he? Or will he just complain through life like so many of us... and solve nothing?


Kay Wise

Kay Wise attributes her vivid imagination and gift for storytelling to her fun-loving and mischief-making father. “Daddy’s playful, impromptu stories, colored my imagination, while my mother’s calm, genteel spirit shaped my artistic sensitivities,” the author reminisces.