TUSH (Trumpism Uncensored Survival Handbook)

ISBN: 978-1-5323-8397-7
By: Feasance, Mis, et al.


Our lives used to revolve around such major concerns as Who will The Bachelor choose? What should be my Fantasy Football picks? Can I eat four pizzas at once and still fit into my skinny jeans? These and other critical matters have now been supplanted by that pesky overarching question: Will our nation survive another week? . . . we’ve selflessly indulged ourselves in creating a uselessly informative guide for you the reader! Fear not, we’re here to help you get through the chaos of these trying times. So buckle up for endless fun and political dysfunction.


Mis Feasance

She went to law school thinking if she became a member of the bar it would mean free drinks for life. He became a landscape architect thinking he’d make millions with “hedge fun.” They bonded at a black site, where they tapped out jokes in Morse code between their adjoining cells. Let out early because they posed a risk to society, the two developed the Trumpism Uncensored Survival Handbook (TUSH) to share their wisdom about so many things!