Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Select works from the Nancy Hoffman Gallery, NYC, NY

ISBN: 978-1-5323-8720-3
By: Campbell, Michael


The art exhibit Earth, Air, Fire, and Water was staged in the Kauffman Gallery at Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania in January and February 2019. The exhibit, a collaboration between the Kauffman Gallery and the Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York City, features artists represented by the Nancy Hoffman Gallery. The exhibition catalogue has twenty-one color photographs of art, a representation of the work in the exhibit, and select statements by the exhibiting artists. An introduction is included by Nancy Hoffman. Shippensburg University is located in the Cumberland Valley in south-central Pennsylvania. Founded in 1871 as the Cumberland Valley State Normal School, Shippensburg University boosts a rich tradition of quality education in liberal arts, sciences, education, and business. Shippensburg University is a member of Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education. Nancy Hoffman Gallery opened in SoHo in 1972, among the first contemporary galleries downtown to show paintings, sculpture, drawings, photographs, video, and installations. In October 2008 after more than 35 years in SoHo the gallery moved to its new home at 520 West 27th Street in Chelsea--a light-filled space with majestically high ceilings and a sculpture garden.


Michael Campbell

Collaborators for this catalogue are: Shippensburg University: Michael Campbell, Professor of Art, Director, The Kauffman Gallery William Whiteley, Professor of Graphic Design, Catalogue Designer Nancy Hoffman Gallery: Nancy Hoffman, President Sique Spence, Director Chris Watson, Associate Director