The BrimTier Chronicles

Pride of a BrimTier Pirate

ISBN: 978-1-5323-8741-8
By: Comstock, Lisa J.


It’s the late twenty-third century in a universe where social morality and the lines of right and wrong are mixed and muddied. Over-population and dwindling resources have forced the people out into the stars; known space is now split into three tiers. The government has reverted back to feudalism and isn’t necessarily good and not all crimes committed are done with criminal intent. Life is anything but easy in the black and some have been forced into lives they didn’t necessarily want in order to survive. This journal is about the extraordinary lives and harrowing exploits of Phoenix Enclave’s captain, Iain Bryce, the “Robin Hood” pirate, his crew and their admittedly criminal activities as they try to stay true to their ideals and the cause of helping the less fortunate while trying to keep from getting captured by the Confederational Regime Forces.


Lisa J. Comstock

Lisa J. Comstock is living proof that dreams can come true. She is a fantasy and science fiction author from northern New England that believes in living life to the fullest. She does this by spending time with her family, fur babies and friends, riding rollercoasters, playing poker, gardening, listening to music of all kinds, reading and, of course, writing.