Sunday Sketch!

The Art Of Nikkolas

ISBN: 978-1-5323-8745-6
By: Smith, Nikkolas


It was the summer of 2013… The wildest roller coaster season of my life was underway. My art career was just beginning, and thanks to a Van Jones retweet, I found myself an CNN HQ attempting to explain my now viral MLK Hoodie art on live TV. At the exact same time, I was facing the most tumultuous crisis of my life, that had me contemplating giving up on Cali life altogether and moving back to Texas. My friend BTG suggested that I sketch my way out of this hole I found myself in, but I couldn’t allow the anxiety and fear of perfection to meet me at every blank page. I decided that I would give myself anywhere from five minutes to five hours each Sunday to create a digital painting. At he end of hat time limit, what I had would be the finished result, no matter how imperfect or unfinished I thought it might be. “Be quick, be expressive… just sketch what you feel… time’s up… but it’s not finished… so what, just post it!” The feeling it gave me was priceless, and the response from the public was beyond anything I could’ve expected. During this process, I felt a deeper understanding of what art is truly about. It’s an expression from our souls, to the world. An unfinished imprint of where are right now…


Nikkolas Smith

Nikkolas Smith, a native of Houston, Texas, is a Theme Park Designer, Concept Artist, Children’s Book Author, Hollywood Film Illustrator, and TEDx Speaker. His first picture book “The Golden Girls of Rio” was nominated for an NAACP Image Award. As a young illustrator of color, Nikkolas is focused on creating captivating ARTivism that can spark important conversations in today’s world and inspire meaningful change.