ISBN: 978-1-7923-0044-8
By: Alunan, Cristo Rey


This Captive Audience Trump’s Tariff Volume 5 novel portrays the dedicated effort of President Donald J Trump, as he tries to tackle the insurmountable task of the Office of the President of the United States of America. It includes his historic effort to stop the bleeding deficit of the American treasury amounting to 22 trillion dollars. He provides relief by imposing tariff to nations doing business with the US and yet he improves the economy, raises the minim pay to $15.00 an hour, cuts unemployment and makes America the most powerful economic nation in the world. He advocates for immigration reforms and promotes national security for the American people- a vital ingredient to the existence of a sovereign nation.


Cristo Rey Alunan

Cristo Rey Alunan (Pen Name), is author of 23 historical novels of “Las Islas Filipinas” on Philippine and World histories (650 colored pages in each book ) covering the period from 1521-2021. He also compiled 3 volumes of the “Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary” and is now in the process of completing all 295 recorded apparitions and sightings recognized by the Holy See. He wrote 2 Romantic novels titled “A Scoop of the Golden Sun” Volume 1 & 2. He wrote “Peaceful Destiny” and completed 3 novels on “Captive Audience” Volume 1, 2, 3. He is now completing Volume 4 & 5. His latest book is titled, “Women of Destiny”. He compiled the art works of famous artists from the 13th- 21st centuries during the Byzantine, Gothic, Reformation, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo, Classical, Pop Art, Neo-Classical, Romanticist, Realist, Impressionist, Expressionist, Nouvism, Abstract, Fauvist, Surrealist, Pointillist, Cubist, Symbolist, and Modernist periods.