The Entrepreneurs Guide

With 112 Hustles

ISBN: 978-1-7923-0072-1
By: Augustus, Deforest


This book is a guide for people searching to start new businesses or hustles that may not know what they can do. You can start one of these 112 while still working a regular job or start a new business completely. We have listed 112 different business with 50 businesses you can start under $500.


Deforest Augustus

I come from a family of entrepreneurs so its been apart of my DNA since i was a child. As a kid i went around the neighborhood doing all kinds of side hustles such as cutting grass or washing cars to keep money in my pockets. While all my friends focused on the same things everybody else did. My mind was always how i can make some money cause i knew one day i wanted to be a millionaire. Leaving High School in 2004 and entering College i started my first business a mobile detailing vehicles where by i was 21 i was making a little over a 100k a year washing cars. Which that helped me to invest and start a number of different business ventures, that helped me to gain wisdom and hunger for more success. In 2008 i became a bail bondsman and opened a company which i still have til today. Colins Bail Bonds keep me making between 250-300k a year up until 2012 i started selling cars. And from 2012 til today I've made over 9 million dollars. I have not worked for no one else since i was 18 years old I have been on both sides of success and failures. But I've learned more from my failures thens my success which keep me making better decisions to continue to grow more successful!