Sang Run State Park Digital Collection Book I

ISBN: 978-1-7923-0311-1
By: Smith, Patrick


The Sang Run State Park rests in one of the most picturesque valleys of Western Maryland. The park is comprised of eighty-one-acre plot known as Friend’s Delight. The original 256-acre tract rests on both sides of the Youghiogheny River and was first surveyed by Paul Hoye in 1774. John Friend, Sr. purchased a one-hundred-acre section Northeast of the Youghiogheny River in 1799. His son (John Friend, Jr.) would establish a homestead and transform the wilderness into farm. Friend’s Delight was conveyed to John, Jr. in 1808, setting a tradition of transferring the farm from one Friend to the next for over 200 years. The homestead began as a log cabin but has be remodeled over the years. David Harrison Friend, grandson of John Sr., would establish a general store. John Ellwood “Jack” Hinebaugh was the last Friend to own Friend’s Delight, passing away in 2001. The State of Maryland took possession of the homestead, farm and store in 2002 and designated the remaining eighty-one acres of Friend’s Delight was as a the Sang Run State Park in 2017. The Friend’s store would serve as the visitor’s center. A large collection of pictures, personal letters, certificates, documents and old land deeds have been gathered at the park and date to the earliest times of Friend’s Delight. The park employees have scanned most into digital images (Sang Run State Park Digital Collection) and transferred the originals to the Discovery Center at McHenry, MD. These images have been organized into two books. The first book begins with a brief history of Sang Run and Friend’s Delight, with the digital images folded into the book. Many images have been identified, yet several were listed as unknown. Land deeds often include or reference the Military Lots (ML) of Allegany/ Garrett County. A brief explanation on the history and use of the lots has been included at the beginning of the book. The second book is comprised of the Day Book of Elijah Friend’s Store (1839-1846). Elijah was the son of John Friend, Jr. and had setup a store across the road from the current visitor center. The goal of these books is to preserve the records from the park’s past. Many of the images have yellowed or faded with age. Some images were converted into black and white, while others were left as they were found. This information and its preservation have a special importance to me, for Elijah Friend, John Friend, Jr. and John Friend, Sr. were my third, fourth and fifth great grandfathers, respectively. It has been an honor to see these records and many pictures which had assume were lost to time. Pat Smith (Sept 2019)


Patrick Smith

Patrick Thomas Smith was born in Oakland, Maryland and grew up in Western Maryland. Pat is a graduate of Frostburg State College (B.S.), West Virginia University (M.S.) and Texas A&M University (Ph.D.). Pat has published over fifty books on the Friend Family and is currently working on additional books. He is a member of the Friend Family Association of America and lives in Frederick, Maryland.