Joseph Harrison Friend and Florence L. “Fern” Friend and their Descendants Book I

ISBN: 978-1-7923-0313-5
By: Smith, Patrick


Joseph Harrison Friend (1839-1925) and Florence L. “Fern” Friend (1841-1930) spent their lives in the Western part of Garrett County, MD. Joseph was the son of Elijah Friend, grandson of John Friend, Jr. and great grandson of John Friend, Sr. of Friendsville, MD. Florence L. Friend was the daughter of Joab Jonah Friend, granddaughter of Andrew Coleman Friend, great granddaughter of Joseph Friend, and 2x great granddaughter of John Friend, Sr. of Friendsville, MD. Joseph was born in Sang Run, MD, while Florence grew up in the Friendsville area. They would start their family in Sang Run, before moving a few miles South to the Hoyes Run. The information on Joseph, Florence and their descendants has been incorporated into several books. The first part of each book presents a brief the history of the Friend family from Nils Larson Friend (Frande), a Swedish immigrate who came to the New World in 1648, to Joseph and Florence's parents. The next section deals the information on Joseph and Florence. The histories of these books were formed with birth, marriage, death and burial records. These stories were expanded with information from the US Census, family bibles, books, land deeds, wills, estate records, photographs, personal histories and military accounts. Documents show Joseph and Florence had thirteen children, yet I could find any information on ten. The first three children (Eliza Jane Friend, Ophelia Alice Friend and Walter Rudolphus Friend) are presented in great detail in the first book. The remaining known children (Lillian Alva Friend, Marcellis Dalton Friend, Joab Friend, Reuben Ormey Friend, Cora E. Friend, Roy Clyde Friend, Martin Perry Friend and Ola Merrill Friend) will following in the second book (and possibly a third). If a child is presented in one book, they and their family are briefly outlined in the corresponding book. Joseph and Florence were my 2x great grandparents. Their granddaughter, Josephine Ester Lyons (my grandmother) knew both for a brief time in her youth. The connections with family are one the reasons I have worked on these books for over a decade. I have attempted to pull together a few strands of the lives, in an attempt to preserve them for time. Pat Smith (Jan 2020)


Patrick Smith

Patrick Thomas Smith was born in Oakland, Maryland and grew up in Western Maryland. Pat is a graduate of Frostburg State College (B.S.), West Virginia University (M.S.) and Texas A&M University (Ph.D.). Pat has published over fifty books on the Friend Family and is currently working on additional books. Pat is the 2x great grandson of Joseph Harrison Friend and Florence L. Friend, a member of the Friend Family Association of America and lives in Frederick, Maryland.