Real Steam Power Series, Book 5

Scott, Newcomb, Winslow, Etc.

ISBN: 978-1-7923-0357-9
By: Kimmel, George Thomas


This book tells the story and history of several steam developers of the early 20th Century. Unlike the previous book—Coats—none of these were promoters, so we are spared the advertising and the hype. What they had most in common was the engineering skill to be able to float back and forth from steam to internal combustion to general automobile engineering as circumstances developed. That fact shows both their skills and their continuing attraction to steam power—the dream lived on. No hardware survives. This is a valuable book for anyone interested in modern steam power. And it is a very good history of a little known story.


George Thomas Kimmel

Tom Kimmel has spent half a lifetime thinking about steam, and more importantly, talking to people who knew something about steam. His strength is in doing research and accumulating information. This series of books will include stories, research projects, book reviews, and re-prints of accumulated reports. The purpose of these books is to explain an arcane subject because there is a use for and a need for modern steam power. The author has observed a great deal of wasted time and money in various steam projects because historical knowledge was lacking. He wishes to offer examples of good steam design. Along the way personal opinions may be expressed as to the rationality of some of the steam designs that have been made. He hopes that the reader will not be too sensitive.