By the Moon, a Quote Book

ISBN: 978-1-7923-1095-9
By: Wintersteen, Jill


Known mostly for her famous Moon Workbooks, this is Spirit Daughter's first collection of published quotes and poetry. Each one is an empowering message of hope meant to inspire and connect you with the universal knowledge. Divided into four chapters based on the phases of the Moon, Spirit Daughter takes you on a journey of the soul as her words move through the energies of the lunar cycle.


Jill Wintersteen

Jill Wintersteen is a writer, an astrologer, a wife, a soon- to- be mother, and a student of the universe. She is the founder of Spirit Daughter and creator of the Moon Workbooks, a worldwide success. Jill has studied consciousness extensively through the lenses of astrology, psychology, neuroscience, Chinese Medicine and yoga. She considers her life’s work to help people tap into their infinite potential to heal themselves, raise their vibration and live their best life. She spreads this message through her writings and to her online community of almost half a million people. Jill is ever grateful for the success she’s had with Spirit Daughter, and continues to make it her mission to support the community who supports her.