Cloud Cost Optimization Handbook for AWS

Collection of ideas and best practices for saving on cost in AWS

ISBN: 978-1-7923-1146-8
By: Luo, Qinlin, et al.


The purpose of this handbook is to share our experiences and knowledge in optimizing and controlling AWS Cloud expenses so that you can do the same. What is inside: Cost optimization strategies based on real world experiences and use cases. Step-by-step implementation guides of cost reduction tactics. Audience: AWS Cloud Users: Cloud Practitioners, Software Developers, Solutions Architects, DevOps Engineers, Database Administrators and SysAdmins that use AWS resources. AWS Billing Managers: Controllers, Accountants and Financial Managers who want to learn how to analyze and control the AWS expenses.


Qinlin Luo

Qinlin Luo: Entrepreneur, Database Administrator, Data Engineer, Financial Analyst with experience in medical devices, biotech, healthcare and financial services industries. Ernesto Ruy Sanchez: AWS Software Developer, Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer with experience in automation, development operations and continuous delivery of commercial enterprise software in highly regulated environments.