Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Light

ISBN: 978-1-7923-1443-8
By: Gagnon, Yvette


In Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Light, Yvette Gagnon shares her journey and how she learned to move away from dark, destructive behaviors and into the light. She’s now on a mission to help others find their light. The book is filled with drama, humor, and practical tips from professional life/business coaches and counselors.


Yvette Gagnon

Yvette Gagnon is an author, photographer, producer, and public speaker. An assignment to photograph the founder of Domestic Violence Wears Many Tags gave Yvette a strong need to share her personal domestic violence story. She now enjoys helping others to create a path to self-healing, and encouraging them to heal emotionally. Yvette has directed and produced several music videos, including Keep it in the Ring, Keep the Rage in the Cage which shows how violent abusers can be reformed through counseling and anger redirection