The Pine Creek Rail Trail Guidebook--eBook edition

A Bicycle Ride Through History

ISBN: 978-1-7923-1463-6
By: Stager, Linda


Wellsboro PA resident and author Linda Stager takes you on a mile-by-mile, narrated tour of the Pine Creek Valley via the exceptional Pine Creek Rail Trail. She shows you landmarks, tells stories about the history of the region, and imparts practical advice for a successful trip along the trail. The Pine Creek Rail-Trail is an award-winning multipurpose trail built along an unused railroad corridor. It slices its way through the wild beauty of a deep gorge, mature forests, clear mountain-fed streams, seasonal waterfalls, wilderness areas, and suburban neighborhoods.


Linda Stager

Linda Stager enjoys two special hobbies in retirement: riding her bike on the Pine Creek Rail Trail, her happy place and taking photos along the way. She is perhaps one of the best experts on the whole 62-mile trail.