The Jackson Amendment

ISBN: 978-1-7923-1704-0
By: Jackson, Robert


Every year the US government grows larger, makes undeliverable promises, and sinks further into debt. Every year our country grows more divided and citizens are becoming more polarized politically. In the future it is evident that the United States will become more polarized and now violence is becoming the norm. How long will it be before there is another bloody civil war? The best way to generalize this polarization is to recognize that the "Red States" and the "Blue States" are just plain different on almost all important issues. These differences are widening and increasingly exacerbated by uncompromising and nonproductive Washington, D.C. politics. The Jackson Amendment to the US Constitution will allow Red States to fulfill their destiny without interference form the Blue States and vice versa.


Robert Jackson

Bob Jackson was born in 1939. He is an eagle scout with an engineering degree and a masters in business. Bob has been an entrepreneur since 1949. He has worked in many manufacturing industries and has had several of his own businesses. He hold 17 patents and is experienced in business throughout the United States and in foreign importing and exporting. Bob has also been very politically active in state and national politics for many years.