Bertl & Adele The Story of Two Children During the Holocaust

ISBN: 978-1-7923-1925-9
By: Weiner, Craig


This book is an outstanding educational resource in teaching Holocaust education. It is a modern, 21st Century, highly illustrated book that outlines the history of the Holocaust from pre- World War 2 through and including liberation. It also outlines 125 separate edicts that were passed against the Jews- each one providing educators with a discussion topic for their classes. A perfect up-to-date resource for Holocaust education.


Craig Weiner

The authors consist of the President of the U.S. based Holocaust Learning and Education Fund, Inc. (Craig R. Weiner) as well as the President of Haus Der Namen Museum in Austria (Ruth Kaufmann), and finally a researcher and publication designer from Austria (Uwe Kohlhammer). .