The Lies We Tell

ISBN: 978-1-7923-1944-0
By: Anderson, Alisa Diane


What happens when you find out that life as you know it has drastically changed with one false statement or untrue word? What happens when the stories of your youth catch up with you and threatens to dismantle everything you've worked so hard to build?? In this riveting novel, three best friends Allure, Blair and Countess, also known as the "ABC Trio", move vicariously through life, trying to achieve all that life has to offer them, however when lies, deception and manipulation begin to surround them, their friendships collide into it's first breaking point, culminating into an unlikely and untimely catastrophic event that no one expects.


Alisa Diane Anderson

Alisa Diane Anderson is a 37 year old author and filmmaker who resides in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.