Words Will Never hurt Me

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ISBN: 978-1-7923-2467-3
By: Grindl , AC


Wholeheartedly this book is from the spirit of my bilingual dog Levi with his owner. Words allow the child that lives within us all in spirit to win at all costs and trials. No greater educational need for pedagogy is needed than proof of opportunity. The author in recovery tries to lead people by creating books or writing other publications.


AC Grindl

ABOUT THE AUTHOR The author in recovery tries to lead people down the path with Google and Facebook as a legitimate way of sourcing income by creating books or writing other publications. Taking in all kinds of sources of entertainment and news, one must be responsible to reciprocate your consumption and to show that you have digested the information. Words Will Never hurt Me does just that and shows that Milla de Oro Magazine is indeed a real growth opportunity for those that are readers, advertisers, people that walk the walk and those that talk the talk. AC Grindl designed the sports section of the yearbook in high school, The Marksmen and university, The Rotunda in Dallas. He then went on to acquire ads for Tomorrow magazine and become Chief Editor of Tianjin Today and Jin Magazine in Tianjin, China. At SIP he helped make the company newsletter and at Sante Fe Relocations made company presentations before being responsible for master’s course material at Glory English. Moving to Colombia, AC picked up his passion for websites and created Milladeoromagazine.com where the real passion in recovery is demonstrated and comes out in this book. Along with all the social media across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Guides; AC can always be found at ac_grindl across those channels. Intentional sensual luxury is my moral that I use for writing. Stemming from: athletes, religion, philosophy, ecology, advertising, vital values, physiology, and more. All this goes into AC's word trying to relate the experiences of living in the fifth most dangerous country in the world, Colombia and their white price. My ethics are based on faith and service to you and me. "Empower women to build a better world." - Diana Dutton Former Key account manager at Santa Fe Relocation Services Inc. Studied International Finance Management at Oklahoma City University Studied Advertising Management at SMU Went to St. Mark's School of Texas