Financial Empowerment 101

From Seed to Harvest

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3033-9
By: Clemons, Dwayne, et al.


Total Life Prosperity, LLC launched the “No Excuse Zone” series to initiate a paradigm shift that will change behaviors. Financial Empowerment 101 will take the reader through the “5 stages of change” beginning with pre-contemplation (no thought of change whatsoever) and ending with a plan to maintain new behaviors. You will be given the tools to establish a habit of budgeting before spending. Delayed gratification can become a way of life. Retirement can become a realistic goal. You will have to the power to transform yourself into a prudent investor well on your way to wealth accumulation for you and future generations.


Dwayne Clemons

Dwayne and Sonyita Clemons are the founders of Total Life Prosperity, LLC. There mission is to change lives by changing minds through the introduction of new information. They used there 40 years of combined experience to change lives daily. Specializing in finance, health and wellness, personal success planning, and spiritual development, Dwayne and Sonyita create environments where paradigm shifts take place and lives are transformed. They are highly sought after speakers and teachers with reputations for keeping it real and meeting you where you are. To book Dwayne and/or Sonyita, email them at