Make a Better World

A practical guide to leadership for fundraising

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3135-0
By: Phillips, Ken, et al.


In 2020 more than ever, the world needs people to step up to get important things done. Start now, with this guidebook to leadership and fundraising success! You need to raise more funds to achieve the impact you want. You want to do more in your NGO or in your own community. The good news: There is unlimited opportunity to step up if you know how. As executive director, fundraiser, staff member, or community member, you can learn how to lead and guide your organization or community to raise more funds – even if you are not “the boss.” This practical guide will help you develop your personal leadership capabilities and secure more internal support for fundraising. Both leadership and fundraising are needed to help others. In this groundbreaking guidebook, Ken Phillips shares common-sense strategies to step up to leadership and to achieve fundraising success. Backed by decades of global experience, Ken’s strategies are clear, practical, and proven. And his personal stories will inspire you! Get these powerful insights: • The power of dreams to make this a better world • Leadership when you are not “the boss” and how to start ‘leading now’ • The 7 fundamental principles of fundraising you need to share internally • The 15 “iron rules” of fundraising you need to master • The 4 main reasons NGOs are not raising more money • A groundbreaking concept: Total Organization Fundraising™ • 10 personal development steps for your own success • An 8-page worksheet, to develop your leadership vision and action plan You’ll turn to this guidebook again and again for seasoned advice and encouragement. This book will empower you to lead your organization or community, whatever your position, to be more attractive to donors, raise more funds, and make this a better world!


Ken Phillips

Backed by fifty-five years of leadership in the NGO sector, Ken Phillips has earned respect around the globe for his expertise on strategy, teamwork, and leadership. His writing is based on twenty-five years of practical experience actually leading and managing nonprofits and thirty years of consulting and training in strategic planning, fundraising, and organizational development with hundreds of organizations in the United States, Eastern Europe, and other regions. Ken’s insights are strategic, practical, and proven. He inspires and energizes nonprofit workers and volunteers, reminding them that they are making this a better world. A key theme throughout Ken’s entire working career – and in his personal life – is his commitment to guiding and inspiring everyone to make this a better world by creating a more civil society. His books in the Civil Society Series and other writings address critical components of organizational strengthening that are needed to support fundraising and impact for nonprofit organizations. In addition to leadership and fundraising addressed in this book, topics include organizational planning, values, and culture as internal foundations for success; 25 proven strategies for fundraising as theory and execution for growth; ethics and learning to gain the trust of donors and the public; governance, leadership, staff, and volunteers working together for results; and advocating for civil society and the culture of philanthropy to mobilize a social movement around the world. In 2019, Ken received the prestigious Peacemaker Award from the global AIESEC Alumni Association. He has worked for AIESEC, the Institute of International Education, Save the Children, Foster Parents Plan, and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. He has led community organizations for affordable housing, neighborhood development, and environmental action. As consultant, he has supported the Black Sea Forum, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Civil Society Development Foundation, Connecticut Association of Nonprofits, HelpAge International, International Youth Foundation, Medicines for Malaria, National Center for Healthy Housing, the Red Cross, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, UNFPA, and USAID among others. He has lectured about fundraising, leadership and strategy in many countries.