Warrior Journey: Find Your Path

12 Personalized Challenges

ISBN: 978-1-7923-3272-2
By: Bates, Karen


You have gifts and talents that make you uniquely qualified to help in the struggles around you. However, in a world of distraction, it is easy to delay or even miss out on discovering your part in the fight for good and the personal fulfillment that comes from living it. This guidebook contains 12 of the foundational challenges in the Warrior Journey program. They will put you on the path to knowing and doing the work you were born to do and equip you with a guide that will lead you through whatever challenges you face.


Karen Bates

Karen Bates is the mother of 8, owner of A Warrior Education, LLC; and the creator of the Warrior Journey program. She has a degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development with a lot of real life experience in applying the principles she teaches in her books, website, and programs. It is through these principles that she has been able to write and create this Warrior Journey work while prioritizing her relationship to God and her most important work - loving and nurturing her family.